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Through the global Social Progress Index, we directly and comprehensively measure what life is like for 98% of the world’s population.

Through our vibrant and growing network of partners covering more than 45 countries, we are building local Social Progress Indexes for states, regions, cities and even communities. Through this network we are making visible the issues impacting the lives of more than 2.4 billion people. And we measure thematic issues like the impact of tourism on communities and the wellbeing of youth to provide deeper insight and to anticipate and respond to emerging trends.

  • In Europe, the regional Social Progress Index is helping guide the European Commission’s US$100 billion Cohesion Strategy, to raise living standards in more deprived parts of the European Union.
  • In India, the Social Progress Index for states and districts has spearheaded a paradigm shift within the government, revealing the importance of measuring social outcomes and making “social progress” a key part of future development. And Indian corporations are using the data to target their charitable giving where they will have the greatest impact.
  • In Brazil, multinational corporations like Coca-Cola, Natura and Fiat-Chrysler are using customized indexes to ensure their supply chains are socially and environmentally sustainable. Watch a video produced by Natura, describing how the Social Progress Index changed the way they do business in the Brazilian Amazon.
  • In Costa Rica, the index is used to measure the effects of the tourism industry on local communities – the first application of the Social Progress Index to assess the social impact of a major economic sector.
  • In cities from London to Rio de Janeiro, local indexes are guiding urban policy and framing political debates.
  • And in the US, we are partnering with mayors, business leaders and philanthropists to bring the Social Progress Index to cities and regions across the country to help them take an evidence-based approach to issues from workforce development to gender equity and public health to urban revitalization.

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