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IQ Business-South Africa

Social Progress Index

IQbusiness, in partnership with the Social Progress Imperative developed an index to showcase and measure the social and environmental outcomes of the nine South African provinces. Independent of economic proxies, the SPI provides a complete account of the real quality of life in our society. The report represents a significant milestone for the global movement to accelerate social progress in the provinces of South Africa. It’s proven to be an invaluable tool for decision-making as it looks to develop smarter investments and more responsive policies rooted in the data.


Youth Progress Index

Globally, young people are at risk for poverty and social exclusion. They are underrepresented in decision-making, and too often are prevented from being able to fully access their rights. In many ways, this rings true for the plight of South African youth as well, IQ business collaborated with the SPI  to conduct a YPI at a sub-national level for South Africa.

Integrated Risk and Response Tool: South Africa

Covid-19 is the crisis of our time. A deep shock to the world, the pandemic creates risk beyond that of the health crisis, affecting economies, social infrastructures and even the way we interact with each other. Through collaboration with local partners across the world, the Social Progress Imperative has developed a statistical tool to help visualize the risk that the pandemic poses through an integrated lens and developed a response framework that integrate the socioeconomic characteristics our societies into localized strategies: the Covid Integrated Risk and Response Tool (The IRR Tool).

SPI South Africa, 2018


Youth Progress Index 

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