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Climate Change Report

A story of progress

This story is all about the possible. This is what led us to decide to set in the future, 9 years from now and the 2030 deadline for the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. We have imagined what it could look like for the world to achieve sustainable greenhouse gas emissions and how it might have happened. Through rigorous data and analysis, this report is grounded in the reality of our societies. We take some artistic license with the storytelling aspects, but the data is the common base of truth upon which we can all agree.

We know there is a complex relationship that exists between development and greenhouse gas emissions. This report set out to answer a core question 'Can we continue to make social progress without continuing to harm our planet'.

Our hope is that this story challenges assumptions so we can hold each other to account, that it highlights what makes a strong healthy society, and that it shines a light on what is working to pave the way for world leaders to enact real systemic change. 

Social Progress and Sustainability

Social Progress and Climate Change Report

Michael Green shares the 2021 Social Progress Index results and new climate change report

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