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Covid-19 will continue to take a toll on the physical, economic, and emotional health of communities around the world. At the Social Progress Imperative, we strive to provide insights to inform policy and decision-making at every level of society. And we know that a rigorous, data-driven approach to combatting the pandemic, and to rebuilding our societies so they are more inclusive and resilient, will be essential. Accordingly, we are working to create resources to help bolster understanding about how to build back a better, more resilient, and inclusive society.

2021 Social Progress Index Covid findings

The Covid Integrated Risk & Response (IRR) Tool

Covid-19 is the crisis of our time. A deep shock to the world, the pandemic creates risk beyond that of the health crisis, affecting economies, social infrastructures and even the way we interact with each other. Through collaboration with local partners across the world, the Social Progress Imperative has developed a statistical tool to help visualize the risk that the pandemic poses through an integrated lens and developed a response framework that integrate the socioeconomic characteristics our societies into localized strategies: the Covid Integrated Risk and Response Tool (The IRR Tool).


By using cluster analysis, we can rapidly assess the need for prioritization of resources. These resources should be allocated based on the specific needs of the population, provided by the risk assessment within each of the four dimensions.

Framework for monitoring and best practice

By analysing near real-time mobility data against the current rate of covid-19 transmission, we developed a response framework that enables leaders to learn from best practice according the specific strategy deployed within each region.

IRR Implementation

This page will be updated as new information and resources become available. Please check back in for updates and feel free to reach out to

US Covid-19 Vulnerability Index

2021 Social Progress Index Covid findings

Full 2021 Social Progress Index findings on Covid-19 crisis short story.

Global Covid-19 Insights


By Michael Green, Jaromir Harmacek, & Petra Krylova

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