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The Social Progress Index measures how well a society provides its people with the things they really care about. Are people healthy and safe? Do they have clean water and a roof over their heads? Can they freely access information? Are their rights protected? These are just some of the questions the Social Progress Index framework allows us to ask and answer. The result is a detailed assessment of what life is really like for everyday people that complements traditional measures of progress like GDP. Our index completes the picture that the economic numbers leave unfinished.

The Social Progress Index is about more than changing our definition of what it means to be a successful society. By measuring the social and environmental aspects of progress, we gain valuable insights that can help governments at national and local levels set policy and guide investment decisions. Our data enables business leaders and investors to understand the communities where they operate and to make decisions which have a positive impact on society. Nonprofits and media organizations can use our framework and data to gain a deeper understanding of what is happening at a community level, to assess needs, or for reporting. By measuring what matters most to people and the planet, the index reveals the needs of the people in a community, it allows government, business and civil society to speak a common language, to align on priorities and agree on benchmarks for success.

To learn more about the Social Progress Index framework, visit our methodology page.

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