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Global Index 2021

About the 2021 Social Progress Index

On November 1st we will release the 2021 Global Social Progress Index. This year we rank 168 countries using our framework that aggregates 52 social and environmental indicators.

As we grapple with the fallout of Covid, from the lives lost, to the stress on healthcare, to the impact on the education of millions of children across the world, we can see that the pandemic has cost us so much. Yet, while the true impact has not yet been fully realized, we know the people who will suffer the most are those who are already massively under resourced. Pandemic aside, arguably the biggest threat to humanity we are dealing with is climate change. As the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reported earlier this year, some trends are irreversible, at least at this present time, and climate change is becoming more widespread and intensifying. 

This year's Social Progress Index will reveal how countries across the world are doing in light of the many challenges we all face. Our rich publicly available data set allows you to look at which countries are doing better than others and in what areas, so we can figure out what really works. The Social Progress Index enables policymakers, business and finance executives, to put people and the planet at the heart of policy and investment decisions. By measuring what matters most non-profits, journalists and leaders in every sector are able to understand the world better, in the hope that this will help us to improve it.

This year we will also release a report with the Social Progress Index that focuses on the complex relationship between social progress, development and greenhouse gas emissions. As world leaders gather for the crucial COP26 Summit in Glasgow, a roadmap and data-driven strategy that shows us what actually works, has never been more needed, our report will provide a compelling fact-based story about what is still achievable if we can agree on a common base of truth, and what success actually looks like.

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