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Global Index 2022:Overview




The 2022 Social Progress Index® uses 12 components and 60 indicators to measure the social performance of 169 countries fully and an additional 27 countries partially, it is our most extensive yet. By looking back on our progress since 2011 we are able to better understand the direction of travel so we can see clearly the strides we are making and where we are falling behind. It gives us a good picture of how people across the world are living, what their needs are and provides an indication of what needs to happen to improve lives.

This year's index highlights that if we don't find a way to dramatically alter our course, we are likely to be heading into a social progress recession as early as next year. Overall, the world has improved but only by 0.37 points last year, while 52 countries (31%) saw a decline in social progress. Though the world has improved since 2011 (by 5.4 points), in the past five years, since 2017, the rate of progress has slowed by nearly one-half (2011-16 +3.44 points; 2017-22 +1.95 points). The legacy of Covid is one of the causes of the slowdown. Given risks from climate change, economic turbulence and political change we see a significant risk that, for the first time, the world’s social progress will retreat in 2023.

One of the biggest areas where we are suffering from major declines is in personal rights. Since 2011 the world score has declined-5.34 points, we have seen widespread decline with 111 countries walking backwards from where they were 12 years ago. Three of the G7 countries, US, UK and Canada, have declined in rights.

To learn more about the top challenges to and opportunities for, progress, please download and read our Executive Summary of the findings.

Download the 2022 Executive Summary

  • 2022 Social Progress Index Executive Summary

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