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Ukraine refugee pulse


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  • Ukraine refugee pulse


85% of respondents to the Refugee Pulse identified as women. Although very high, this aligns with official Polish statistics on the refugee population, which report 80% of Ukrainian refugees over 18 are women. This reflects the Ukrainian Government’s restrictions on military-age males leaving the country. GENDER The demographic breakdown of respondents is presented in Fig 1. The official Polish Government statistics* on Ukrainian refugees in Poland is shown in Fig 2.

In terms of age, 59% of Pulse respondents are 18-39 and only 5% are 61 or over. Our respondents’ profile is younger than that shown by official statistics*, where 12% are over 60. This is not surprising given that the Pulse was administered through a smartphone application that may be less familiar or accessible to older respondents. Though not a huge discrepancy, we recognise that the needs of the elderly may be underestimated in our findings


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