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US Social Progress Index - 500 Cities

The US Social Progress Index is coming soon. It is the most comprehensive collection of social and environmental data of all 50 states and the 500 largest US cities, down to 28,000 census tracts. During such a polarized time it is important to have data-driven solutions, by creating a universally agreed upon framework for success we can agree on the metrics and the path forward for building back better.

We are actively seeking partners who can help us scale this tool at this critical moment in time. If you would like to learn more, or work with us, please contact Justin Edwards.

California - The Orange County Equity Map


The OC Equity Map is a data platform that spotlights social and health disparities in Orange County neighborhoods across multiple dimensions with a specific focus on the impact from Covid-19. The Social Progress Index is the foundation of the Orange County Equity Map. Developed in partnership with Advance OC, the tool functions as a common base of truth for all sides of the government and business spectrum, from which policy and investment priorities can be determined.



California - San José


In partnership with the Mayor's Office of Strategic Initiatives in San José we developed a tool to help catalyze community discussions and to enable prioritization of investment. "In each of these areas, I propose that City staff uses the information and tools provided by the SPI Index, GARE, and from other ongoing work to develop an ‘equity screen’—that is, criteria that will enable a prioritization of neighborhoods by need—to enable appropriate allocation of services to high-need communities.”  ~Mayor Sam Liccardo


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