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Impera Analytics coming soon - The Social Progress Index in the UK


We are excited to announce that we are scaling the Social Progress Index across the UK through a new SPI initiative, Impera Analytics.

Impera, a social purpose driven technology venture, will enable local governments, businesses, non-profits, researchers, the media and beyond, to make evidence based decisions, improve social outcomes and accelerate the UK towards an equitable and sustainable future.

We are actively seeking partners, for more information please contact: Pye Nyunt


London, UK- The Urban Health Index

The Urban Health Index is the world's first health focused Social Progress Index. Developed in partnership with the Guy’s & St Thomas’ Foundation the index was developed to assess the social progress of the London boroughs of Lambeth and Southwark. The Urban Health Index provides information on 68 neighborhoods across the boroughs and includes the most recent data available. 

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London, UK - Barking & Dagenham

With the London Borough of Barking & Dagenham, we developed the first Social Progress Index at ward level. The tool has been used since 2016, it has been critical in effectively allocating resources. Through data-driven insights the Social Progress Index has enabled the borough to tackle issues that include domestic violence, homelessness and fuel poverty.

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